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Pinnacle Peak Institute is a non-profit charity, family and education service center located in Olympia, Washington, offering out-patient  drug alcohol & mental health treatment services for adults, programs for family members, and training and education classes for agencies and counselors.

Alcohol/drug Treatment

DUI Assessment

Mental Health Counseling

Pinnacle Peak Institute provides Washington State Certified Intensive Outpatient and Outpatient drug alcohol treatment services with adults, and families.  PPI's continuum of drug, alcohol treatment care includes screening, drug, alcohol assessment, outpatient and intensive outpatient drug, alcohol treatment programs, followed by individualized continuing care programs to maintain drug, alcohol  abuse recovery. Length of drug, alcohol treatment is based on each patient's needs.
Pinnacle Peak Institute provides drug- alcohol assessment & DUI assessments for persons who have been referred for alcohol evaluation because of driving under the influence, DUI or physical control of vehicle under the influence conviction.  PPI follows all Washington State regulations in the drug or alcohol assessment - DUI assessment process. PPI offers fair, objective, comprehensive DUI assessments
Pinnacle Peak Institute provides Washington State Certified Outpatient Mental Health treatment services with adults, and families.  Pinnacle Peak  Institute provides comprehensive outpatient  counseling to address a wide range of issues including depression, stress and anxiety, social  anxiety, panic attacks, obsessive compulsive thoughts and behaviors,  adult ADHD, impulse control,  relationship issues, family conflict and  support for families with a family member  suffering from mental health or  alcohol/drug issues. 

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As a caring agency, Pinnacle Peak Institute touches the lives of individuals and their families struggling from alcohol or drug & or mental heath problems. The past has taught us that recovery is not only possible; it’s a path that the individual does not have to walk alone.

Our staff members are committed to providing the highest quality care possible. Our drug alcohol treatment and mental health programs are designed to attend to the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects of recovery through professional excellence. Alcohol-Drug and mental health issues affect the patient’s family and PPI believes that family involvement in treatment is critical. Pinnacle Peak strongly encourages family involvement in treatment services.

Pinnacle Peak Institute utilizes treatment strategies that have demonstrated effectiveness (Evidence Based Practices) delivered in personalized treatment plans for each patient. PPI staff are highly trained in the most modern drug-alcohol & mental health treatment practices and ongoing continuing education and training for all staff is emphasized in order to provide the most effective treatment options for our patents

Health Insurance

Pinnacle Peak Institute accepts most insurance and are an in network provider with: